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Columnar Trees & Shrubs: Our 7 Go-to Plants for Narrow Spaces

If your landscape has limited space, but you need some vertical visual interest then these columnar trees and shrubs are just for you! 

Our Douglas Fir is a beautiful, tall growing, conical form tree with spreading horizontal branches that are quite flexible. Needles are 1 inch long, and a soft bluish-green color. A rapid growing tree that prefers moist, acidic soil and wind protection. Requires a well-drained soil. Matures to be around 40-60' high.

Taylor Juniper is an excellent, extremely narrow upright selection. It has dark green color in summer and a purple tone in winter. It's the perfect evergreen for a narrow space to create a screen in the landscape. This conifer needs full sun and well-drained soil. At its maturity it will grow to be 18-20' tall x 2' wide.

The Holmstrup Arborvitae is an introduction from Denmark. It's a very compact, slow growing, pyramid with rich-green foliage. This evergreen does well in light shade and poor drainage. It's an excellent plant for smaller landscapes. Great year round color. Mature size is around 6-8' tall x 3-4' wide.

The Upright Red Chokeberry is an excellent replacement in the landscape for Columnar Buckthorn. It has a very pronounced, upright growth with exceptional red fall color. This plant does well in heavier soils and is quite shade tolerant. This shrub has excellent red fruit that grows in clusters.

Story Landscaping can assist you in picking trees for your space. We can order them for you and you can plant them yourself. Or, we can plant them for you. Trees ordered through Story Landscaping are hardy for our Minnesota winters. And, they can be delivered right to your door if you want to plant yourself. Contact us today!


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