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Planters for the Indian Summer

If summer is for bright vibrant flowering plants, Indian summer is about the subtle beauty of fall favorites; mums, flowering kale, grasses and more. Imagine it’s October, the sun is still warm on your face. You can hear the rustling leaves blowing. The sights, smells and sounds of falls scream the change of seasons in the most beautiful way. Arranging planters for the fall is a celebration of the transition from the fast-paced playful summer into a more restful, calm fall, a time to restore.

The best time to plant for the fall depends on the season’s temperature and rainy period, which can be anytime between mid-August into early September, which is a smaller window of time compared to spring. Planting too early can subject the plants to too much heat stress, so plan accordingly. Fall is also a favorable time plant because the soil is still warm, the air is more cool and pests tend to fade away during this time of year.

Late summer and early fall is when we’re cleaning up our summer planters, which makes it a perfect time to simply do a plant exchange. Your hands are already dirty so why not.

Consider these plants when planning for your Indian Summer planters.


Mums, available in abundance in the fall, are understated and come in many colors. Alone or combined with other plants, it is a classic choice. When planted in the fall they are considered an annual.

Ornamental Kale and Cabbage

Flowering cabbage and kale are in the same species as edible cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower. They make a great choice for fall because they are hardy in colder weather.


Grasses come in a variety of colors and textures. Consider them a seasonal decorative addition to any large planter as they provided much height and dimension. Click here to browse the selection that Story Landscaping can order for you.

You may also enjoy adding hydrangeas to your outdoor yard. Click here for 7 colorful hydrangea plants you can use that are low maintenance.

Whether you choose the traditional pumpkins, cornstalks and scarecrows theme or something less traditional, let your creativity flow when choosing your fall plantings and celebrate the change of season.

For help in finding the best plants, talk to Story Landscaping.

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