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June Hosta

We love Hostas!

June Hosta is a fan favorite of the Hosta world. It has beautiful gold leaves with blue-green margins and pale lavender flowers. It is a stand-out in shaded beds, woodland gardens, masses, borders, and containers. 2001 American Hosta Growers Association Hosta of the Year!

Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens.

  • June Hostas are excellent at forming big, bold clumps that keep down the weeds, but until they emerge in late spring some weeding may be necessary. They also benefit from heavy mulching.

  • Hostas look best when mass planted near water features, or when allowed to multiply in shady areas under trees.

  • June Hosta has beautiful gold leaves with blue/green lining that give shade gardens a striking look.

  • Since hostas do not come into leaf early in the spring, it’s nice to pair these with other early blooming plants in the landscape to make a bright and successful show.

  • Most hostas grow in full sunlight if well-watered. They thrive in shade or dappled light. Blue-leaved forms can be the hardest of all to place because they turn green with either too much sun or too heavy shade. Yellow to gold forms are best with direct sunlight in the early morning or late in the afternoon

  • They need rich, moisture-retentive soil. Large amounts of decayed manure or compost should be dug into the ground before planting.

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