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The Benefits of Bare Root Plants

Not as well-known anymore, bare root plant production still exists and has many benefits to the end user. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of investing in these plants and why they deserve a place in your yard.

Before we get into all the great benefits of bare root, we should probably explain what that means. Bare root plants are dug fresh from nursery fields and have no soil structure, leaving just the plant and accompanying roots. These plants are sold in a variety of sizes, reflected in inches, feet, or in the caliper of the stem. It’s important to note that sizes in inches and feet are measured above ground, so the total height including the root structure will be taller than what’s listed. In general, the larger the plant above ground the more robust the root structure.

Now that you know what bare root plants are, let’s dig into the benefits.

1. A Pocket-Friendly Choice

For the budget-conscious gardener, bare root plants are a dream come true. These plants are more affordable compared to their potted counterparts since they lack the soil, container, and watering costs. By opting for bare root plants, you can stretch your gardening budget further and invest in more plants without breaking the bank.

2. Rooted in Health

The exposed roots of bare root plants allow for easy inspection and selection of healthy plants. With no soil or container to hide any issues, we can choose plants with well-developed and healthy root systems. These vigorous roots help the plants to establish themselves more quickly once planted, leading to quicker growth and better overall plant health.

3. Packaging & Shipping Made Simplistic

Mailing potted plants can be a cumbersome task, requiring careful handling and perfect shipping conditions. Bare root plants, on the other hand, are lightweight and easy to ship. Their compact nature simplifies the logistics and reduces the risk of damage during transit.

4. More Options

Fruit trees, small fruits and vegetable plants are easier to provide as bare root.

5. Seizing the Planting Window

Timing plays a crucial role in gardening success, and bare root plants allow you to seize the planting window with precision. These plants are only available when they are dormant, during late winter or early spring. Planting during this dormant period provides ideal conditions for root establishment. These plants typically experience less transplant shock compared to potted plants by investing their energy into root development rather than top growth.

6. A Defense Against Unwanted Guests

Bare root plants come with another hidden benefit—a reduced risk of pests, diseases, and weeds. Because they are kept dormant over the winter in specialized coolers, unwanted diseases and pest are less likely to be present.

Bare root plants offer a range of benefits, from affordability and ease of shipping to superior root development and a wider plant selection. By embracing the possibilities of these plants, you can unlock the full potential of your garden, transforming it into the haven you’ve always dreamed of.

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