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SunSparkler® Dream Dazzler Sedum

Love this Dream Dazzler!

Sunsparkler® Dream Dazzler Sedum will wow you with it's incredible foliage. A deep plum center with hot pink edges is a showstopper to say the least. When you think you couldn't love Dream Dazzler anymore, bright rasperry colored flowers burst open in late summer lasting into fall. Ideal for hot, dry locations such as rock walls, you'll find bees, butterflies, and other pollinators flocking to this beauty.

Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens.

  • The SunSparkler® Dream Dazzler Sedum is excellent in a small group or you can use them in a mass planting in the landscape.

  • The Dream Dazzler thrives on neglect, showcasing its its best colors grown in full sun with dry soil.

  • Be sure to plant in full sun, about 15-18 inches apart in virtually any garden soil, including wet areas.

  • This hardy plant is tolerant of a wide range of conditions from rock gardens to perennial borders.

  • This is a xeriscape plant.

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