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Black Walnut from Story Landscaping

Order a Black Walnut for your home or business from Story Landscaping. The Black Walnut is a large tree that prefers deep, rich, moist soils. This tree will tolerate drier soils, but grows much more slowly under these conditions. Walnut trees are used for their nuts and valued wood to make cabinetry, furniture and much more! Be careful as the root zone may be toxic to other plants and shrubs. Mature size is around 50-70' tall and wide. Hardiness zone 4.


  • It grows best in soil that is deep, fertile, and moist but well-drained.

  • Soil texture should be sandy loam, loam, silt loam, or silty clay loam.

  • Avoid shallow, dry, sandy, gravelly, or rocky soils.

  • Walnuts are often found along streams where periodic flooding occurs in the dormant season.

  • Do not try to grow walnut where soils are poorly drained or wet during the growing season or where flooding or ice damage is frequent.

  • Walnut grows well on river terraces and hillside benches, and in coves in hilly terrain facing north or east. It will not grow well on steep slopes facing south or west – such sites are too hot and dry.

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