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American Sentry Linden Tree from Story Landscaping

Order an American Sentry Linden Tree from Story Landscaping for your office or home. The American Sentry Linden tree was trademarked in 2004, and selected by Howard Kulke at McKay Nursery. Its narrow, upright, pyramidal habit opens up lightly as it ages. The branches come off the main stem at 45 degree angles and are well balanced throughout the crown. It has a spicy fragrance with creamy white flowers in late June. The bark is smooth and distinctively gray when young. Heart shaped green leaves are toothed and have a whitish color on the underside and turn yellow in the fall. Mature size is around 50-60' tall x 25' wide. Hardiness zone 3.


  • If you have a large landscape with plenty of room for a medium-to-large tree to spread its branches, consider growing a linden tree. These handsome trees have a loose canopy that produces dappled shade on the ground below.

  • Linden trees are attractive trees that are ideal for urban landscapes because they tolerate a wide range of adverse conditions, including pollution.

  • The best time for planting a linden tree is in fall after the leaves drop, although you can plant container-grown trees any time of year.

  • Choose a location with full sun or partial shade and moist, well-drained soil.

  • The tree prefers a neutral to alkaline pH but tolerates slightly acidic soils as well.

  • Mulch around the linden tree with organic mulch such as pine needles, bark or shredded leaves. Mulch suppresses weeds, helps the soil hold moisture and moderates temperature extremes.

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