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Bloomerang Lilac (Tree Form)

Order a Bloomerang Lilac for your home or business from Story Landscaping. The Bloomerang Lilac flowers are lavender and fragrant, but the surprise comes from recurrent bloom until frost. It's a compact, mounded plant getting 4-5' tall and can spread to about 6' or so. You can keep this plant smaller by renewal pruning. This plant needs to be planted in full sun and well drained soils is best for all Lilacs. Hardiness zone 3.


Lilac flowers best in full sun but tolerates light shade.

  • Choose an open site, protected from strong, drying winds, where air circulates freely, to reduce risk of leaves becoming mildewed.

  • These shrubs need well-drained, organically rich soil.

Avoid chalky spots, which may cause lime-induced chlorosis, when leaves turn creamy yellow and die.

Plant Lilacs March-November

Contact Story Landscaping LLP today to order your trees or shrubs at 507-330-4646

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