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Leonard Messel Magnolia from Story Landscaping

Order a Leonard Messel Magnolia for your business or home from Story Landscaping.

This is a NEW addition to our magnolia family! The Leonard Messel Magnolia is an excellent choice along the border, as a specimen or along a woodland area in the garden. It's more of a compact tree form with multi-stems. It has a beautiful two-tone flower and the petals are similar to the Royal Star magnolia. Mature size is around 10-20' tall x 10-18' wide.


  • Magnolias illuminate borders with a multitude of fragrant, strap-petalled, starry, white flowers from March to April.

  • They are ideal for small gardens.

  • No matter how large or small the variety, magnolias should be sheltered from strong winds.

  • To flower well, they must receive at least a half days sunshine.

  • They prosper in well-drained, acidic, neutral, or alkaline soil. Make sure to dig in plenty of organic matter well ahead of planting.

  • Encourage bountiful blooms by applying an acidifying fertilizer in April and July.

  • Plant in March-April or June-September.

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