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Summer Garden Success Tips

As summer vacations and activities kick into high gear, it’s tempting to forget about garden upkeep and focus on fun and sun. But taking time out for a few simple tasks can reduce summer stresses for you and your plants. Follow these summer care tips to keep your landscape ready for relaxation, entertaining and enjoyment:

1. Keep a hose handy

Make sure you water plants and keep soil moist.

2. Stay on top of weeds

Don't let them take the nutrients from your plants.

3. Top off existing mulch

A layer of mulch prevents large fluctuations in soil temperatures, helps retain soil moisture, and suppresses offending weeds. A 2- to 3-inch layer of mulch is generally all you need.

4. Add a little color

Add perennials or Succulent, drought-resistant sedums are also a great way to add summer color and texture without much extra work for you.

Order your plants right from Story Landscaping and we can have them delivered right to your home.

All are hardy for our winters and you can easily update your summer garden.


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