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Decaf Kentucky Coffeetree from Story Landscaping

Order a Decaf Kentucky Coffreetree for your home or business from Story Landscaping. A unique and popular choice! The Decaf Kentucky Coffeetree is a Kentucky Coffeetree that exhibits much greater branching than the species. This native cultivar consistently produces buds and branches from new growth leading to a much more desirable, well branched tree at a young age. New growth is finer textured in branches, twigs and leaflets than the species while emerging leaflets show a caramel coloration into early summer. The Decaf produces only male flowers and has not shown the tendency to fruit. The Decaf is the Coffeetree doesn't drop any seeds and is cleaner than the Kentucky Coffeetree! Mature growth is around 50' tall by 40' wide. Hardiness zone 3.

  • A RARE find!

  • Likes deep, moist soil and adaptable to a wide range of soil conditions drought and city conditions.

  • Likes full sun!

Contact Story Landscaping LLP to order your trees or shrubs today at 507-330-4646

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